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Vacuum roller massage machine «Starvac»

Vacuum roller massage machine «Starvac SP» - this is one of the most modern and effective therapeutic massagers designed to address the aesthetics of the face and body, as well as therapeutic problems related to the musculoskeletal system.

The main physiological effects obtained by using vacuum-roller massage are: improvement of microcirculation, increased lymph flow, activation of metabolism, increasing the supply of oxygen to tissues, and as a result, improve the nutrition of the skin and underlying tissues.

Effect of vacuum-roller massage for the face and body:

  • Has corrective action on the "orange peel" at any stage of cellulite, helps to cope with the problem of excess weight. Microcirculation disturbance is inevitable for cellulite because squeezing vessels overgrown fat cells and the surrounding fibrous tissue. Deterioration enhances microcirculation sagging skin and fluid retention in the areas of cellulite, ultimately, makes the "orange peel" more graphic. Fat deposits and cellulite "STARVAK" cures by " splitting of fat cells." Deep mechanical effect on adipose tissue improves blood circulation in the affected area, loosens and softens it, giving a distinct aesthetic effect.
  • Tightens (lifting effect) and restores skin elasticity. Positive effect on the collagen and elastin fibers exhibit improved texture, tone and elasticity of the skin.
  • Has a draining effect on the lymphatic system. Stimulation of the venous and lymphatic system reduces the swelling of tissues .
  • Eliminates fine wrinkles, nourishes and tones. Strengthening exfoliate the upper layers of the epidermis contributes to the renewal and restoration of the natural luster of the skin.
  • Resolves scar tissue and stretch marks. Conducted using special nozzles that deal with each separately scar massage improves microcirculation and tissue oxygenation, resulting in scar maturation process is accelerated. They turn white and become softer and more elastic. Finally disappears itching as a mandatory component of the immaturity of scar tissue. All of the above in combination with other methods has been used for the treatment of burn injury, post-traumatic and post-surgical scars, including cosmetic.

for muscle tissue:

  • vigorously massages (effective after exercise);
  • helps relieve fatigue and pain;
  • relieves muscle spasms;
  • stimulates blood and lymph circulation;
  • tones muscles.

effect on the body as a whole:

  • detoxifies
  • relieves swelling
  • accelerates resorption of hematomas
  • stimulating the immune system
  • facilitates the function of the cardiovascular system

Note: It is useful to talk about the significant assistance that can provide vacuum roller massage for those who decided to lose weight significantly with diet, acupuncture, coding or special bariatric procedures or operations. Typically, in such cases, a person in a short time can lose a significant amount of extra pounds. Often, however, are the first to give fat not stomach and thighs, and the face, neck and chest, as adipose tissue is rich in beta-receptors, which quickly give excess fat from adipocytes. In contrast, on the buttocks, abdomen and thighs in adipocytes predominate alpha-2 receptors, which are very reluctant to say goodbye to their inventory.

So by selective improvement of blood circulation in the areas it with hard fat with this machine STARVAK can achieve that with weight loss fat will leave, especially areas with redundant fat and only in the last turn on your face or chest. In addition, significant weight loss accompanied by the appearance of sagging skin, reduce their tone and elasticity. Vacuum roller massage will enhance the contractility of smooth out the skin and the consequences of such a diet.