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Medical examination

Each client is our club provided a medical examination, which includes three stages:

  • Talk with your doctor
  • Diagnosis health using special equipment
  • Provide recommendations on the basis of interviews and surveys

Talk with your doctor

First of all, it turns out the client's wishes, goals and objectives that he wants to solve during a visit to the club. For this purpose, in particular, information on the health status of the client, medical history, bad habits, mode of the day, food, etc. After gathering the necessary information the doctor performs a thorough and in-depth survey tool:


FITMATE PRO allows us to investigate the function of external dyhaniya.Dlya accurately measure energy expenditure at rest (basal metabolic rate) is analyzed in a chair with measuring oxygen consumption mask on her face and chest heart rate monitor. The procedure lasts for 15 min. ipozvolyaet we just pick up a healthy eating plan, make recommendations for optimal physical activity, taking into account your lifestyle.

2. InBody 220 Body Composition Analyzer

To assess insufficient or excessive weight is very important to know the composition of the body: the content of fat mass, lean mass, active cell mass, water content in the body. For this in our club used instrument InBody220 BodyBody Composition Analyzer. Measurements are performed standing, contact electrodes and kicking. Measurement time - 1 min. This study recommended that all clients who come to us to solve the problem of weight loss and body shaping. It really is a real personal approach to each of our clients. Repeated diagnostic measurements allow, if necessary, adjust the circuit training and nutrition plan.

3. BioSway

BioSway, this diagnostic system that allows you to assess the state of balance and body balance, coordination and posture stability. Client becomes the platform and passes 3 tests that can diagnose deficit body. The exercise is to hold the body in a level position and move the center of gravity in different directions. Comparison with normative data helps determine the need, progress and results and make recommendations for the training process aimed at improving balance, coordination and posture. Treatment time - 10 min.

Provision of advice

The data obtained as a result of the conversation, and the measurement results will form the basis of recommendations for effective and at the same time safe for health classes. Regular appointments for treatment, according to the doctor's recommendations, will allow to generate an objective picture of the changes in a timely manner to make the necessary correction in the training process, the mode of the day and meals.