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A letter

I invite you to myself.

Before you decide to read this letter further, let me ask you one question - when was the last time you felt fantastic ?

For example, so that you would pick up on the hands of a loved one or a run with delight feeling how your body enjoys every movement or just feel the pleasure of his excellent health ? Simply put - when you were happy ?

Once I asked myself this question , recovering from a serious injury and I came up with a great idea - to create a sports club not like the others. Having a medical education, and practice sports doctor I too often seen in hospitals correct that people get in the gym for their own money . I needed a club that can make a person not only strong, but also healthy.

Eight years spent on searches . I researched the effects on the human body different exercises , techniques and tools , from yoga to strength training , from massage to hydrotherapy , from aerobics to Qigong. And for five years had passed since then , as my first club opened . Today , thanks to my Ukrainian friends , you can evaluate the result of my efforts here in Kiev.

Now , even funny to remember , but you can not imagine how they did not like my idea first ! "Only a small club ? Abandon the sauna? Yes we have here is not Europe , and such niceties do not understand ! No, no and no again ! " And only in order to dissuade me , one of them agreed to go to my club in Vienna. After a week and a half , I found that I did not , and they have convinced me of the correctness of the idea of creating an entire network in Ukraine . They both always wanted to be the latter.

Today it is time to evaluate our efforts to you, and believe me - we tried.

I know how precious your time - and we have created a club near you ;

As a German , I know what should be the quality - and chose the best to date sports equipment and diagnostic equipment ( For example, you ever received a telegram from his body ?)

As a professional, I know how to be an instructor - and assembled a team of the best ;

As a businessman , I know what should be the service - and I demanded that staff ;

As a true European I know what comfort worthy of my guests - at my personal request , worked on the interior of my friend, one of the most successful German designers.

But still ... I also know the most important thing - how important health. And I invite you to myself.

yours sincerely: Dr. Körper H.C.