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Power Plate

Simulator Power Plate ( Power Plate )

Heavy enough to tire of the grueling workouts, why do you need it, if new, efficient trainer Power Plate causing natural reflex muscle contraction, thereby encouraging the development of muscle. Rower Exerciser Plate is only capable of a few lessons per week to improve blood circulation, get rid of cellulite, increase muscle mass and speed up metabolism.

Pluses of the Power Plate

Useful microvibration with a frequency of 30 to 50 contractions per second beneficial effect on strengthening the body, increase vitality, have a cosmetic effect on the skin, improving its color and elasticity. A simple keystroke, you turn on the vibrating platform powerplate, which lets pleasant impulses and start training. Power plate operates in four main areas: strengthening muscles, stretching exercise, full body massage and relaxing process. Change your life for the better, take advantage of our special offer.

Principle of operation Power Plate

Power Plate triggers a natural reflex contraction of the muscles of man inherent natural body reflexes, such as the blink reflex, grasping reflex or reflex muscle contraction.
Reflex contraction of the muscles - this is what happens when the doctor hits your knee with a hammer, causing reflex, which straightens the leg.

Power Plate generates in all affected muscles custom continuous reflex contraction, called " Tonic Vibration Reflex" .

Power Plate is from 30 to 50 contractions per second
Platform generating physiologically correct vibration causes the tonic vibration reflex. Since the frequency of vibration 

Power Plate is 30 to 50 times per second, these reflex muscle contraction taking place at the same speed.

Power Plate stimulates 95-97 % of muscle mass
Not only that, your muscles will contract and relax at very high speed , but also the number of affected fibers in each muscle of the involved exceeds the number of fibers involved in conventional training. For most people with traditional training, a maximum 40% of the muscle fibers activated .

Power Plate 95 engages % and 97 % of muscle fibers.
But as it makes our muscles stronger and improves our physical fitness and health?

Power Plate changes the acceleration factor.
For many years we have tried to become stronger and healthier, exercising with weights. Adding weight causes the muscles to adapt to the increased load and become stronger. This was done by the Greeks in ancient times, we do the same today. But now there is Power Plate which modifies the acceleration, not weight, which reduces stress on the tendons and musculoskeletal system, eliminating the long grueling sessions.

Result in 10 minutes.

Only 10 minutes of training with Power Plate 2 or 3 times a week is enough to get the desired result. Most people still believe that to improve the physical condition required long training, but actually the result gives the intensity of the workout. Taking different positions on the simulator Power Plate you can stimulate different muscles and muscle groups. Power Plate makes it possible to easily and quickly achieve results almost every part of the body.

Using Power Plate intensifies fat burning and improves the basic metabolism. Special exercises aimed at specific problem uchastki.

Acceleration of metabolism

Increased muscle mass

During the class of the Power Plate is operated almost 100 % of muscle fibers involved muscle groups stimulated simulator. This significantly increases both muscle strength and their endurance.

Cellulite treatment and cosmetic effects

Massage program using the Power Plate soften compacted tissue and adhesions, destroy fat cells and increase the mobility of tissue layers. Since cellulite is destroyed, and strengthens connective tissue, improves skin tone.

Pain relief

Through improved circulation and more nerve stimulation, pain decreases. Increased muscle tension during exercise often leads to a reduction of residual stress, which also reduces pain .

Increased flexibility

Intensive blood circulation, warming the muscles and ligaments of the body and improves flexibility relieves tension, removes seals and adhesions in the tissues.

Improving fitness

With the strengthening of muscle tissue increased demands on the supply systems, including the heart. This leads to an increase in the activity of these systems.

Activating blood circulation

During the class of the Power Plate muscles work as a pump, which pumps blood to even the smallest blood vessels at 50 contractions per second. This leads to the fact that the cells are supplied very quickly. As a result, the body will withdraw waste products much faster, which will help accelerate the recovery .

Improved coordination

Since all the receptors of the body are stimulated at the same time, improving both intermuscular and intramuscular coordination. Also develops a sense of balance and reaction. Exercise: A16 for the muscles of the lower abdomen

Increase bone density

Power Plate stimulates the growth of bone tissue. Scientific studies show that after training on the simulator Power Plate bone density increases. In addition to improving muscle strength and sense of balance he has a positive impact on the fight against osteoporosis and reduces the risk of falls, especially for the elderly.

Professional. Ideal partner for your workouts. Millions of people are satisfied with this achievement of high technology. Maximum results from a simple button press. Power Plate has revolutionized the fitness, beauty industry and anti-aging. The secret is that anyone can achieve great results in a very short period of time .

A simple click you turn the vibrating platform Power Plate. The group of experts in the field of sports science and technology gathered all the knowledge gained from long-term practice of the Power Plate and extensive research in order to create the next generation of Power Plate .

Large display and a new control panel at the bottom of the console provides complete ease of management Power Plate. New software and menu structure enable even inexperienced users to easily run the Power Plate. Time, frequency and amplitude of each set separately. Regardless of the position on the Power Plate - standing, sitting or lying down - the control panel are always within reach.

With the Power Plate can perform exercises to strengthen the muscles, stretching exercises, massage of individual muscles or relaxation exercises.