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Sharko shower

Most associations with power shower rather medical than salon and sports. This is no accident. After all testimony to it are such serious problems as metabolic disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. In addition, it has a stimulating effect on the brain and spinal cord, the blood and lymphatic system ( eliminates lack of active oxygen in the tissues and blood ), calms the nerves, promotes hardening of the body, strengthens the immune system, restore the nervous regulation of respiration, blood circulation and metabolism, which violated under the influence of hypoxia toxicity. He even treats chronic fatigue syndrome! Impressively, all under the power of some soul!

However, in this Dr. Korper Health Club, he used a completely different matter. The fact that the power shower effectively increases the metabolic energy processes, tones muscles, breaks up local fat deposits, making even the most problematic area is problem-free, and reducing weight. Therefore, we strongly recommend this kind of soul overweight people and even with very advanced forms of cellulite.

Cosmetologists say that in order to reduce your weight by 2-3 kg enough just three treatments. Miracles, and more! This not only significantly reduced fat folds, but visibly smoothed skin irregularities. However, beauty - is not only a slim figure and a lack of cellulite, but also beautiful posture. And here, too, will help power shower that perfectly removes tension from the muscles of the spine and back pain. In addition, strong jets of water to moisturize and tone the skin, making it supple. And those who have tried this procedure on himself, saying that after the markedly increased self-confidence, reduced anxiety and aggressiveness.

However, in all this ointment should be at least a fly in the ointment! And it is - this procedure is clearly not for the faint of heart! The case may even end the appearance of small marks on the skin. Procedure starts with the usual fan- shower when the patient douse strong jet of water from head to toe, massaging so different "problem" area - thighs, buttocks, back and stomach. Due to the great water pressure and relatively high temperature skin is usually red. The main effect of Charcot shower jets associated with alternating hot and cold water.

Since power shower - a procedure still more medical, it should recommend a specialist.